Triple Pane or Double Pane Windows?

When shopping for windows you will have the option of triple or double pane windows. Being located in the North Central/Northern region of the United States, Energy Star will require a .27 or .30 U-factor for their qualification. At Energy Windows, Doors & More our products range from a .30 to a .15 U-factor depending on your double or triple pane glass package for the vinyl or composite window you select. 

There will be more of an upfront cost when selecting a triple pane glass package, however, reflecting up to 97% of energy from entering your home will provide you with a substantial difference in your heating costs. Our triple pane windows have a Low-E coating and multiple fills of Argon or Krypton Gas depending on which product you select. Our customers have also noticed a difference as far as noise level when having our triple pane products installed in their home.

Double pane windows are still a good option when replacing your windows. Being located in not the harshest of climates this is still a great option and will provide you with many added benefits when replacing your old windows. The question for you, the homeowner, is; how energy efficient do you want your home? Do not let a salesperson sway you one way or another because ultimately, the decision is solely up to you on how energy efficient you would like to go with your windows. It is your home and you will be the one paying the heating and cooling bills. 

To summarize, triple pane and double pane replacement windows are both great options and here at Energy Windows, Doors & More we are here to explore both of those options with you.

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Helpful Tips when looking to replace your windows.

Consider Time of Year
In the Northeast, one of the factors to consider when shopping for replacement windows is the time of year. A good time to have window installation is obviously in the Spring, Summer, and Fall months because large portions of the house will be opened up and exposed to the elements. Spring and Fall tend to be the busier time of year for replacement window companies so there are usually less incentives. Shopping for windows in the Winter/Summer months may allow you to take advantage of more special promotions from replacement window companies to keep their installation crews busy. Summer is usually when homeowners have vacations planned etc. so replacement windows are not on the top of their priority list. As for winter, customers usually do not want to go through the hassle of replacing their windows in the cold weather so you may be able to take advantage of discounted pricing. At Energy Windows Doors & More we install 12 months out of the year so you have the freedom to decide when is the best time for you to replace your windows. 

Check reviews/Customer Satisfaction
There are many different ways to search for a quality replacement window companies reputation. You can look throughout Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. If you find that the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive then that company should be a safe bet for you. Each replacement window company is run by humans and no human is perfect so it would be a red flag if a company had all perfect reviews. At Energy Windows Doors & More we do not claim to be perfect, however, if you search our reputation throughout the mentioned platforms above you will notice that we have a very high customer satisfaction rating and almost all of our customers would recommend us to their peers.

Stay away from High Pressure sales Tactics 
We have heard so many different horror stories from our customers from salespeople who high pressure sold their windows in the customer’s home and would not leave for hours on end. At Energy Windows, Doors & More we take a different approach. We will send an experienced veteran window/door consultant into your home with outstanding product knowledge so we can get to the point of why you called us which is to replace your windows or doors. (not a 3 hour learning lecture on why you should be sold by our company). We realize shopping for windows can be a painful experience and our job is to take the pain away for you and make the process as seamless as possible. We will listen to your needs and cater to them so that we can be your solution for replacing your windows and doors. 

Please consider these tips when shopping for replacement windows and it will help you along the way. For any of your replacement window or door needs please give us a call at 1-877-WINDOWS today!