5 Ways to save money on your replacement Window Project

December 6, 2021

Change the Type of Window

Many homes have window set ups with multiple small windows in an area in either a combination of a twin, triple, or even quadruple double or single hung set up. Multiple windows will always cost you more than one single window. Many times we will see homeowners put either a large picture window or even a slider window (slides side to side rather than up and down) in the place of multiple windows. If you are open to this idea this will indeed save you money when replacing your windows. 

Use a standard color option

More and more often we are seeing black as the preferred color choice for replacement windows. Unfortunately, white, almond, sahara brown, bronze, and clay are the usual stock color options. This means that the color is extruded all the way through the product rather than being painted after production. This does not mean we cannot get you black as an option, it just means you will pay a premium because it will take more work for the manufacturer. 

Consider different window Options

Replacement windows come with many different options and accessories. If you, the homeowner, decides that certain options and accessories are not needed for you then this is also a good way to save money on your replacement windows. For instance, many homeowners decide to purchase grids for their replacement windows. Grids change the aesthetic of the home by breaking the window up into lites that can give either a colonial, traditional or even craftsman look. Grids are an add on option and do change the price of the window. Perhaps, you would like grids but you are looking for a way to save money on them. The grids between the glass option will save you money as opposed to the grids over glass option or also referred to as the SDL option. SDL’s are harder for the manufacturer to produce which will also add cost to the window. 

Pick a Sliding Door

Sliding doors instead of a french door or hinged door will save you money when shopping for doors. Hinged doors take more hardware, more materials, and more effort to build, meaning the price of the door will be more than a sliding door. This could be by up to 60-70% more than a sliding door option in some cases. Sliding doors are a great option for a replacement for your french doors and will save you money. Not only that you will most likely gain glass space when going to a sliding door option. 

Buy more windows!

Many people think it is just a sales pitch when our consultants say you will save money when purchasing new windows at one time. However, this is indeed the truth. When a project is sold by Energy Windows, Doors & More we have to send someone out to go over the products with you. There are usually costs involved in advertising to be in your home in the first place and receiving your phone call unless it is a referral which we get often. From there, we send out a project manager to take measurements for you. Then we send someone out for your installation of the windows. In short, there are several trips involved and steps it takes each time we get a customer. Our costs go down when you purchase a large quantity or whole house full of windows at one time rather than breaking it up into stages. So we can then pass these savings along to you, the homeowner. Not to mention, windows have price increases every year and with the current supply chain issues we are expecting even higher prices for 2022. Lastly, you are only doing yourself a disservice by not replacing your windows sooner. Your heating and cooling costs will continue to go up and you will put more work on your air conditioning and heating thus shortening its lifespan with old drafty windows.

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