Can I Replace Windows Myself?

February 11, 2022

The short answer is yes but really why would you? Replacing your windows can be a messy job and if not done correctly could cause more damage than benefiting you and your home. It is best to hire and expert to do the job who knows the ins and outs of replacing windows. At Energy Window, Doors, & More we pride ourselves in making the process of replacing your windows easy from start to finish!

To start, after you have selected to replace your windows with our company we will send out an expert measure technician. This is a vital step in the replacement window process. If you were to measure on your own and did not know how to measure properly depending on the application of the old window you are replacing you could be off by inches which will result in loss of glass space, not being able to make the window fit because it is too large, or even air/water leakage around the window because it is not insulated and installed properly. In short, leave it to the experts to get your windows measured!

Secondly, when ordering windows at Energy Windows, Doors & More we order the products custom to the 1/16” of an inch from our manufacturing partners. If you were to do this yourself, most people would go with stock sizes again meaning the window would most likely not be the correct fit. Also, in this day and age getting products is not as easy as it used to be. When we submit our order to the manufacturer they will promise us a date and deliver the products on that date. If you were to do this on your own, nowadays the chances are if a product is not in stock it will be a lengthy process to get the products you are looking for due to the ongoing supply chain issues. 

Lastly, the process itself is very labor intensive! Depending on what you are taking out (size, material, etc.) it could be very taxing on your body. Our installers have seen just about everything so when they show up to a job they know how to tackle the install without hurting themselves. Moving windows is an awkward process depending on how you carry them so you really want to be careful and have the correct tools and manpower to get the job done. Not to mention, glass is extremely dangerous when shattered. Without having the proper PPE you could easily slice yourself open and end up in the hospital.

Again, leave it to the experts and do not risk it if you are thinking of replacing your windows! These are only a few reasons why you should not replace your windows yourself but we could go on for days. Call 1-484-645-6331 today if you are considering replacing your windows and leave it up to the experts!

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