Energy Efficiency Considerations for Homes in the Northeast

July 25, 2022

The only predictable thing about Northeastern weather is that it’s unpredictable. To curtail the effects of what the four seasons can do to your house, consider these energy-efficient options for your Northeast home.

Changing Your Habits

Everyone wants their home to feel like an icebox in the summer and an oven in the winter. But that’s not always very energy efficient. The first consideration you must ponder is how you use energy in your home and if you can change your habits for the better. Make a conscious effort to track your energy usage to ascertain how much energy you need—and waste—during the day. Doing this offers you a baseline for improving in the future. Can you make a compromise on the thermostat? Do you turn off all the lights when you leave the room? Do you leave the TV on for no reason? Those are some of the common things people do that you can control.

Inspecting the Insulation

Changing your behavior is integral for an energy-efficient home, but there are also a few worthy investments you can make. One of the most vital is insulation. The effectiveness of your home’s insulation affects the home’s total energy efficiency. Insulation also influences your energy use by shielding your property from extreme temperatures. Without quality insulation, any other modifications you make may be meaningless.

Optimizing Window Placement

One way to decrease your energy consumption is to let more natural light into your home. You can accomplish this by strategically installing new windows. If you choose replacement picture windows, consider the placement and what it will enable the sun to do for you. North-facing windows will allow the least amount of light into the home, whereas south-facing windows will bring in the most sunshine. If you’re an early riser, you might want to consider east-facing windows, since the sun is at its peak brightness early in the morning. Conversely, if you’d rather extend your day, installing windows in the west part of your home will let in more sunlight in the evening.

Don’t Forget About the Doors

Pairing your new windows with high-quality doors will enhance your home’s energy efficiency. It can be frustrating when one part of your house is much cooler or warmer than another. But doors act as barriers, enclosing the heat or coolness from your HVAC and making you comfortable no matter what room you’re in.

Energy Windows Doors and More is here to bring your vision for an energy-efficient Northeast home to life. With our experts taking care of the installation, you can rest assured that your home will be able to withstand any tumultuous weather throughout the year.

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