Find the Best Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

May 25, 2023

If your windows are old and worn and you’re looking to replace them, then energy efficient windows are an excellent option as they’ll improve home comfort while also saving you money over the life of the product. With those goals in mind, let’s discuss how to find the best energy efficient replacement windows for your particular home.

How do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

Windows are an integral component of a home’s building envelope, which refers to all the components that play a role in energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Energy efficient windows are windows that are designed to provide better performance in this regard generally by having a higher thermal resistance. This is often accomplished by having two or even three panes of glass, and energy efficiency can also refer to the material of the frame and the insulating material used within it.

• Improved Insulation

Superior insulation is a hallmark of such windows and a focal point when helping our customers find the best energy efficient replacement windows for them. Energy efficient windows don’t heat up the way traditional windows do, which makes it easier to cool your home in summer, and they provide a better barrier during winter due to the higher thermal resistance as well. This will lower your energy costs and can add up to a significant difference over the life of the new windows.

• Enhanced Noise Reduction

Another advantage of better insulation is enhanced sound dampening, which means that less external noise is going to penetrate your home. That results in quieter spaces and better listening experiences.

• Less Condensation

Some condensation is to be expected when there are wide indoor and outdoor temperature differences. But energy efficient windows are less prone to it due to the thickness and thus less likely to fog up.

Types of Windows Available

In order to find the best energy efficient replacement windows for your home, it helps to understand that there are a wide range of options and window styles available to you. These windows come in all shapes and sizes, including bay, casement, double hung, and geometric. Vinyl windows are very popular for this purpose, but you can also choose wood, composite, fiberglass, and aluminum. Single-, double-, and triple-pane windows are available, and you can also choose various coatings and treatments, such as Low-E, which is a coating that reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation that enters a home.

Brand Matters

We encourage our customers to choose windows from the most established and trusted brands, and we partner with companies like Andersen, Pella, and ProVia. Their products are not only proven but come with the industry’s best warranties, which give you added peace of mind.

Energy Star Certification

The EPA certifies windows through its Energy Star program. We recommend choosing certified windows because the EPA estimates that the average household will save 12% on heating and cooling costs annually with them. Certification can also make you eligible for tax rebates and other benefits.

Trusted Window Installation Contractor

The contractor you choose matters a great deal as well, and Energy Windows Doors & More has been helping homeowners in the Delaware Valley enhance their homes with energy efficient windows for more than a decade. To find the best energy efficient replacement windows for you home, call us today at 1-484-645-6331 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation for a window installation.

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