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Preparing for Replacement Windows

If you have made the decision to finally update the look of your home, lower your energy bills, and increase your home’s security with replacement windows then you will need to prepare your home for your installation! We know this can be an exciting process for most homeowners so we have compiled a list of items you will want to take care of prior to your installation.

Make Room

Many homeowners ask us whether the installers will be working from the inside or outside of their homes. The answer is both! This is why it is important for you the homeowner to clear the area where the windows are being replaced. Furniture and decor would be moved out of the front of each window so the installers have a few feet to work in front of each opening. From the exterior, any lawn furniture or decorations that might be in the way to access the windows being replaced should be moved so the installers can set up ladders to the second story windows. 

Take down Blinds and Window Coverings

In addition to clearing the way for your replacement window installation you will want to take down blinds, sheers, curtains, and wall hangings. Most of the time the hardware drilled into the wall can remain in place other than when it is mounted too close to where the new replacement windows will sit. Your installer can go over this with you when he arrives at your home as well as your window consultant when setting up an appointment with Energy Windows, Doors & More. It is also important to remove any wall decorations close to where the replacement windows are being installed. The removal and installation of your new windows may jostle your walls which can lead to items falling off of the walls. We would prefer any precious items, wall hangings, pictures, etc. to be stored in a safe place prior to installation. 

Cover Floors

At Energy Windows, Doors & More we take pride in treating “your home” like “your castle” because we know it is and we know you have decided to replace your windows to upgrade it even more. This is why our installers come prepared with drop cloths to cover the floors and areas where they are working. They also come prepared with vacuums for excess debris left from replacing your windows. But let’s be real, replacing your windows is a messy job! We always advise homeowners to use their best judgement and if they decide to put an extra drop cloth down it’s not going to hurt. Our goal is always to leave your home better than before we came but if you decide to be even more cautious, more power to you! 


Our scheduling department is aware of this helpful list of items you will want to take care of prior to your install and we will go over this with you when we call to set up your installation. If you have not yet decided to replace your windows with Energy Windows, Doors & More call the experts at 1-877-WINDOWS and we will be sure that you are satisfied from start to finish with your replacement window project! 

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