What Does Window Replacement Cost?

October 17, 2023

Many homeowners know they need new windows but delay moving forward with the project because of a looming question: “What does window replacement cost?”. While we can’t give you an exact answer for your particular home right here, what we can do is explore the factors that will contribute to your costs and discuss some of the ways that you can make window replacement more affordable.

Factors That Contribute to the Cost of Window Replacement

• Window Type

The type of windows you need is a main factor. Hung windows, for instance, are the most prevalent type of residential window and will cost significantly less than a bay or bow window. Many other common window types, such as casement and sliding windows, are usually priced similarly to hung windows, but size is a factor. If you need a very large picture window, then the price will be much higher.

• Labor

Labor prices can vary greatly even in a local area, which is why it’s important to shop around a bit and make sure you’re not paying too much or dealing with too low a bid. You should also know that replacing a window of a similar type is always going to be the cheapest option. Converting windows and new installations are an option as well but will increase your labor costs considerably.

• Window Material

Window material is also a big consideration when it comes to the question, “What does window replacement cost?”. One of the reasons vinyl windows have become the most popular replacement windows in North America is their low initial price plus their low total cost of ownership. Fiberglass and composite windows are the next tier up in price, and wood and clad wood windows will generally be the most expensive.

• Window Features

There are many features available with modern windows. Those extras will drive up your costs, but they may be well worth it over the long term. Single-hung windows are cheaper than double-hung windows and are a solid option on a ground level, but being able to clean the outside of a window from inside your home is a big plus. Low-E glass coatings and other energy-efficiency-related upgrades will cost you more upfront, but they help to make your home more affordable to heat and cool.

Pricing Factors: Regional and Market

Labor costs depend on where you live, and you may be able to spend less by scheduling your window replacement during a non-peak season. Market prices fluctuate as well. One way to save is to limit your choices to products that are abundant and not being sold at a premium. It also helps to choose a large and established window contractor that can put their buying power to work for you.

Other Considerations: Project Scope and Financing

Installing a single window will cost less—at least in the short term. If it’s time to replace your windows due to age, it’s best to install them all at once because you reduce the overhead, such as installation costs. Choosing ENERGY STAR certified windows can help you lower your costs through a federal tax credit. Financing can make it easier to budget, and you may even be able to take advantage of deferred or even no interest.

Energy Windows Doors and More

The best way to get an informative and accurate answer to “What does window replacement cost?”, is to contact a local window installation contractor. Reputable companies offer no-obligation consultations, and if you own a home in the Delaware Valley, we’ll be happy to provide one. Energy Windows Doors and More has been selling and installing replacement windows in this region for more than three decades and has a proven track record for superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Contact us today for services you can rely on.

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