What’s an Energy Efficient Window?

February 12, 2020

Although it might not be the most obvious solution for saving money on your utility bills, replacing the windows in your home for energy efficient windows has a noticeable impact on your monthly spend.


How Does it Save Me Money?

Have you ever felt a slight draft coming in from the edges of a sealed window? How about the difference in temperature when you feel the window frame compared to the wall?

These are the tangible signs of your windows loosing valuable heat or that comfortable cool air through your windows…even if they’re closed.

Certified energy efficient windows are created with materials designed to keep the temperature of your home consistent, without loosing air and power to the elements outside.

Low-E Glass

One of the key components in an energy efficient window is something called “Low-E” glass, which is short for low emissivity glass, protects the window in a microscopic coating that deflects the temperatures outside of your home, and reflects the interior temperatures back inside.

Saving Money…And Furniture?

Another benefit of an energy efficient window is its ability to deflect the harsh UV rays from the sun without loosing any natural light. These UV rays are responsible for the fading effect on carpets and furniture that are in view from the window. Energy efficient windows dramatically reduce fading when compared to standard windows.

With energy efficient windows you can save money, furniture, and most importantly, resources for the planet. All of the windows we offer are energy efficient and at the best prices in the market! Call or click below to get a free, no obligation quote on replacing your windows today!

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