Double Hung vs. Casement Windows

May 24, 2021

When replacing your windows, there are different options to choose from. Many customers of our look to replace their windows with newer versions of the same window they had in the same style. We want to educate window replacement shoppers on the variety of options they have so they can consider the best style for their home.

Considering functionality as well as the aesthetic of your home are two key factors you will want to look at when shopping for windows. Two of our most popular windows are the double hung and the casement window. Both of these window options have their own range of benefits so it will ultimately be your decision as to what makes the most sense for you, the homeowner.

Double Hung windows offer the ability to open your windows up and down. Both the upper and bottom sash will tilt in so you will have the ability to clean the inside and outside of the window from the interior of your home. This will definitely make life easier especially when trying to clean the exterior of your windows. They also offer vent latches which act as a slight security feature so your bottom sash only opens ups partly making if much more difficult if someone wanted to intrude your home through a window. One of the main drawbacks to the double hung window is the appearance. Being that there are two separate sashes your view will be split with vinyl or whichever material the window is made from right in the middle of the window. This becomes more intrusive and gives you less glass space.

Casement windows offer the ability to have maximum ventilation. Rather than double-hung windows you can crank open your casement window and have the air flow through instead of having just one sash open at a time. As far as your view out of the window is concerned, you will have the maximum glass space for un-obstructed views. Casement windows will also offer maximum energy efficiency for the homeowner. At Energy Windows, Doors and More our casement windows come with a multi-point locking mechanism to offer the homeowner the tightest seal possible. Some may argue that casement windows hardware and cranks may break down over time which is why we typically offer our casement windows with stainless steel hardware so it will last for years to come.

Whether a double hung window or casement window makes more sense for you the homeowner, Energy Windows, Doors & More is here to explore both options with you. Call today to set up your free consultation and one of our experienced specialists can go over both options in further detail with you. Call 1-484-645-6331 today to get your end of the summer early spring installation.

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