How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Windows?

May 11, 2021

There are many reasons why it may be time to replace your old windows. When looking to enhance your home one of the biggest benefits to you, the homeowner, is having windows that operate properly and are also making your home energy efficient. Windows are what protects the home from all of the elements outside, it is what creates your view to the outside world, and is also a big factor of what keeps your home secure. Poor energy efficiency is also a major factor to consider when thinking about replacing your windows. The U.S Department of Energy estimates that up to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use can be tied to inefficient windows. 

4 Telltale signs it’s time to replace your windows:

1. One of the most obvious reasons you would want to replace your windows would be broken or shattered glass. Not only is this dangerous to you and your loved ones but all of the thermal efficiency in your home is literally going out of that broken window! This would obviously need immediate attention!

2. Drafty Windows. Windows that are rotted,losing structural integrity, and have poor weather stripping allow outside air to enter the home. This can force your home’s HVAC system to over work, thus shortening its lifespan and raising overall energy costs. NFRC requires a .3 or less air infiltration rating. At Energy Windows, Doors, & More most of our windows have a .02 or less air infiltration rating! 

3. Seal Failure. If you notice condensation on the inside or outside of the window it is a telling sign that a window is poorly insulated or is leaking air. When temperatures are extremely cold and ice forms on the inside of a window it is showing that the glass is significantly cooler than the air around it. Condensation that appears between the pieces of glass is a sign of seal failure and should be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. With triple pane or double strength glass packages available with multi layer gas fills options on the market today this solves the issue of seal failure. 

4. Windows that are non-operable. Not being able to let the fresh air into your home is a major drawback. Windows that do not operate are a nuisance to everyone in the home and also can cause many risk factors. We enter many homes where we see the bottom sash of the window drop down extremely fast because the nylon strings are broken. This poses a risk to everyone in the home having the weight of that window smash their hand or even worse having a small child open that window could be catastrophic. That is why we highly recommend replacing windows that do not operate. At Energy Windows, Doors & More or windows operate on a constant force balance system doing away with the outdated nylon string design. 
If these tips were helpful to making your decision on whether it is time to replace your windows or not please give us a call at 1-484-645-6331 today to get your free in-home consultation! 

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