The Process of Replacing your Windows

July 29, 2021

Many homeowners wonder what the process of replacing their windows will be once they decide it is time to replace their windows. At Energy Windows, Doors & More we pride ourselves in making the process as seamless as possible from start to finish. From the initial consultation to the follow up after installation Energy Windows, Doors & More is here to guide you every step of the way.

Initial Appointment

            After the homeowner makes the decision to call 1-484-645-6331 or requests a quote through our website an experienced window consultant will ask pertinent questions over the phone or via email. These questions are to figure out whether you are calling about something we are able to assist you with and whether we are a good fit for your needs. Once the homeowner and consultant both decide we are a good fit for one another we set up your initial appointment. Throughout the initial appointment the consultant will take a tour of your home to look at each window or door you are considering replacing. They will give you their honest feedback on which needs replacement and what the best options will be. From there, they will show you the products that seem to fit your needs best and they will go over a descriptive and informative presentation without being long winded and taking up too much of your time. They will ask which questions you have after the presentation and will also go over pricing and financing options once the presentation is complete. From there, if the homeowner and consultant decide we are a good fit for one another we will formulate a detailed contract for the homeowner outlining all of the products, materials, and the time frame for your installation. 


            Once you have contracted with Energy Windows, Doors and More a team of measure technicians will come to your home to take detailed 2nd measurements. Your initial appointment will also have measurements taken, however, our motto is “measure twice and install your windows once!” We do not want to waste your time or our time so the 2nd measurement is vital before ordering your products. Each job has specific needs so the measure team will take notes on areas such as additional wood trim needed, coil color, specific sizing of each window for a custom fit, etc. Once detailed measurements have been taken the measure technician will then review with the homeowner one last time before we place the order for your products. 

Day of Install

            When the day finally comes to receive your new windows or doors our installation team will arrive in a timely manner to your scheduled day and time. The installation will be set weeks before so that you have plenty of time to prepare. It is best to leave a few feet of space in front of each window/door so that the installer has room to work. If you need any assistance in doing so our installation team will be there to lend a helping hand. Our installers will take a tour of the home and recognize where each product is to be installed. From there, they will place drop cloths down to make sure we leave your home in the same condition as it was before we arrived. Should your home fit within EPA required installation guidelines our factory trained technicians will be sure to follow all of the procedures to make sure your installation is safe. Many homeowners ask if the windows will be installed from the inside or outside and the answer is both. We make sure that your windows are installed from the interior without disrupting any current trim, caulked and sealed from both the interior and exterior, and capped from the exterior. Once all of your products are then installed the head of the installation team will take a tour of the home with you to make sure you are satisfied with all of the work completed. This will then be followed up with a detailed checklist so that you have the opportunity to give us feedback, questions, comments, concerns, etc. 

            From the beginning of the process of deciding to replace your windows Energy Windows, Doors & More will ask you to go ahead and shop around. We want our homeowners to understand the quality of the products we offer as well as our workmanship. This way, at the end of the process each one of our customers are satisfied with their decision to use us as their go to replacement window company. We are sure that we offer the highest quality replacement windows at competitive pricing with a quality installation.

If you are considering replacing your windows do not hesitate to reach out on 1-484-645-6331 to Energy Windows, Doors & More today. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you and treating your home as if it were ours! 

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