Why You Should Replace Your Windows This Fall

September 2, 2021

Being 2021 there seems to be nothing normal happening due to covid-19 and supply chain issues. With that being said, most industries had to pivot and adjust their strategies on how they operate. This holds true for the window and door industry as well. With lead times typically 4-6 weeks from contract date until installation date they have now doubled. What does this mean for the homeowner? Basically it means plan ahead.

If your old windows or doors were causing cold drafts last winter then now is time to avoid this issue for this upcoming winter. Being September, if before thanksgiving is your target date to get your new windows or doors installed then you should give Energy Windows, Doors & More a call now to set up your free in-home consultation. Our energy efficient windows and professional installation will be sure to keep the cold air out for you this winter.

Most parents have a bit more time on their hands once the kids go back to school during the fall season. This leaves you the homeowner the opportunity to shop around for the replacement window company that you feel most comfortable with replacing your windows. Instead of waiting right before the holiday season when things tend to get a bit more busy, leave yourself some time now to get your shopping done. 

Lastly, most homeowners prefer not to have their houses opened up during the freezing cold temperatures. Being in the window and door industry for so long it is no surprise to us that the fall and springtime seem to be the busiest times for homeowners purchasing new windows and doors.

At Energy Windows, Doors & More we do our installations year round, however, we’ve come to notice that homeowners prefer it not to be freezing cold during their installation. Our crew will go through one room at a time and never leave a window open for a long period of time, however, if you prefer it to be a little warmer for your installation then fall is the time to call.  Call 1-484-645-6331 today to get on our fall installation schedule now.

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